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can someone tell me how to cut and sew a boatneck for a frock?

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i want to sew a frock for my niece, I want a boatneck for it , so can anyone out there help me ?

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A neckline is usually cut (post #35511, reply #1 of 2)

A neckline is usually cut lower in the front than in the back.  A boat neck is simply cut straight across, with the shoulders being narrower and the neckline being wider.  I would stil cut the front down a bit more than the back, just because I thin it is irritating to have the fabric hitting to high on the neck.  I would try it on scrap fabric first - you don't need to do the whole garment or even the whole bodice - just make it wide enough to have it hang from the shoulders.  Once you get it the way you want it you can use this as a pattern to cut a facing as well.

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thanks, I will surely try it (post #35511, reply #2 of 2)

thanks, I will surely try it on a on a scrsp first.