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Books for Men who sew

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I had found a topic earlier on books for men who sew and now I cannot find it again after I signed in!  I have two grown sons and a 4 year old grandson who all sew.  My 30 year old son doesn't sew traditional items, he makes costumes for things like a Ren fair, also costumes or clothes that look like they are from a survivor of some type of nuclear war.  I recently gave him a book that I found at a sewing store that didn't have quite as many references to girly things and the things that they did have could be used for men or women, but I told him (he is a pretty good writer)  Maybe this is something HE should do, write a sewing book for Men, not a fancy designer book like you would see in fashion schools, but just a simple to the point beginning book for men.  And example would be, the book he got showed how to do appliques and it showed things like flowers.  He said wouldn't it be cool to have pictures of how to do appliques of Dragons or some type of thing that would interest guys?  Somewhere in the world there must be a book like that or someone willing to write one!!  What about the guys that are in prison who make those Quilts?  They would do a great service if one or more of them are good at writing to write a book like this!  If anyone knows of any that are already out there I would really love to know about them.  Thanks!

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I've also read the article on men who sew.  I think it wonderful that men sew, my dh also sews, he makes quilts, & he's perfect point quilts & he's made one man's shirt.

David Coffin wrote  a book about making shirts & trousers for men & women. we have both books, there not girly at all. my dh like them.

if you look on the internet & type in men who can sew,, you probably will find quite a few who do.