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bobbin thread embellishment?

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hi all-

I want to make a vest using two batik fabrics - one has horse shapes on it and the other would be the reverse - but I want to stitch around the horse shapes looking at the one side, and then have a thin crochet weight string as the bobbin thread, so that I have a fairly thick outline of the horse shape on the reverse side. I've done this using regular thread, and it is not quite visible enough. So, my question is, is there some way to run the bobbin thread off of the original spool? Or do I *have* to wind it onto the bobbin, 'cause the thicker thread will fill the bobbin really quickly. I have a Viking 990, if that gives a hint as to how the bobbin race works.

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Have you considered topstitching thread, upholstery thread or thread intended for denim? I use upholstery thread to topstitch denim with good results and it comes on a regular spool. I wonder if the crochet thread would have properties compatible with machine sewing.

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You may find that there is less thread wound on your bobbin so that you may have to fill it after each motif that you sew but to get the look that you want there will sometimes be sacrifices such as this.  But to your point about how to use it just bypass the tension on the bobbin by just laying in the bobbin and pull the thread up to the top but turning the flywheel.  Also you may find that you have to tighten the upper tension to get the look of couching that you are after.  Also it does pay to play around with techniques that you are unfamiliar with and tweek until you are happy.  Good luck. 

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i have done alot of this type of embellishment long before there were computerized embroidery machines.  Wind the decorative thread, yarn, elastic, etc on the bobbin and there should be a hole or loop to bypass the normal bobbin tension.  You do have to fill bobbin frequently, you may want to "measure how much a bobbin holds of your desired thread.  Wind up several and the change of bobbin will go quilckly, without unthreading the machine's upper thread at all.

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Where is the hole or loop? Is it on the bobbin or in the machine . I have a Janome 4500 and a twenty five year old Bernina .

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if you have a drop-in bobbin (no removeable case) it will be in the machine.  If your bobbin case is removeable, it will be in the bobbin case.   In both cases it will be near yet bypass the bobbin tension guide.

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Thanks all,

I'm going to do my test swatches this weekend and see how it goes.