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Binding methods

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When I was sewing in an industrial environment, we used black binding tape and a fixed binding feeder.  When I was talking with my favorite sewing machine sales person this week, she said she won't use a binder foot, and always sews each side independently (sewing the inside first, flipping it, and machine sewing the outside.

What do other people do?  Doesn't anybody use the binder feet for a home machine?

Curious, Sallly

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Doesn't the binder attachment you were using allow stitches to show on both sides of the binding?  I was thinking perhaps this is what she wanted to avoid but not if she's stitching down from the right side anyway.  Is she quilting?  Perhaps those mitered corners are what prevent her from using the attachment.

I'm simply not coordinated enough with mine yet, and I don't want stitching showing on the right side.  I'll stitch the binding on right sides together and either finish by hand on the wrong side or stitch in the ditch on the right side so no stitches are showing from the right side.



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I totally agree with you that it would look much more polished, but for something like a fleece item, I'm not sure that the amount of labor is warranted.  Of course, it depends on what kind of quality you're targeting.

Thanks! Sal

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I use both methods.  I do have a binder attachement and it is really great when it comes to something that is supposed to be utilitarian like aprons.    For a more polished look I still sew in the front part first and then sew by hand the back part.