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bibs for special-needs adult; flat edges

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I am sewing bibs for  a special-needs adult. The bibs are made from a towel folded in half and a neck opening cut in the fold. This leaves the edges raw. Do you have any suggestions how I can finish the edges with a 1+ sewing machine (no serger) to keep the edges lay flat and not ruffle? Thanks, Wanda

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When I make baby bibs, I use bias twill tape from the notions section of the fabric store.  Since you are using towels, you might want to use blanket binding, which is wider, and found in the notions section too.


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Perhaps you could sew the edges of the opening together then turn it so it is like a neckline with a facing/lining. And then topstitch to enclose the seam.

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I would use t shirt ribbing and make them nice a loose so that they are easy to pull over the head.

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I make really long bibs with long sleeves too for babies.  I serge the edges but you could use bias tape.  Instead of pulling over the head (removing a soiled bib could be difficult) I split the center back and rounded the edges to make serging or bias tape easier.  I use cotton tee knit, folded to 1 1/2" wide and either zig-zag or serge to the neckline and at the sleeves.  I've used velcro at the back neck but now use a "long prong" snap at the request of parents since some babies pull at their bibs.  Aback opening is a real plus, I think!