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bias valances & linings

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When you cut a swag valance on the bias do you also cut the lining on the bias?  The material I am using is light weight and has a nice drape to it so I don't know that cutting it on the bias is necessary. Any thoughts? Thanks for your help.

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Hmmm...I don't know the rules for that, but my instinct is that you should cut the lining on the bias, so if there's any slight stretch or distortion over time, there's a chance that the lining will more or less match the decorator fabric. What do the rest of you think?


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Thank everyone for your help. Concerning cutting lining for a swag cut on the bias: after researching more, I find that the lining should be cut on the bias. Thanks again.

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This is a wild guess but it does agree with Carol if only for the fact that one day you will need to clean it and that might be reason enough to do the lining on the bias unless you've washed or cleaned the materials prior to sewing and know how they behave. I've seen, on the other hand, a number of swag valences with a separate, even detachable lining. Best wishes, I think it depends a lot on the fabrics and how they react to the heat and light they'll be subjected to over the seasons.  

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I think when you cut something on the bias, it will drape & hang differently tha when you cut it normally. So it might be logical to cut the liniing the same3 way so they hang more or less the same way.