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Bias Ruffle

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       I am making my granddaughter a Maxi skirt with a bias ruffle. Can someone tell me how to cut this out? I may want to just make a flounce and need help with that too. Thank you  in advance. Sheri Wright

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To make a bias ruffle you (post #36110, reply #1 of 1)

To make a bias ruffle you need to cut the fabric on a bias or a 45 degree angle.  Depending on the fabric it will not need to be hemmed because bias frays very little.  There is a way of cutting the fabric and sewing it so you can cut in one continuous strip.  I can't possibly explain that but I'll bet you could google "cutting continous bias strip" or something and finda video of it.   

A flounce is cut in a circular pattern.  Decide how wide out want the flounce and draw it in a spiraling pattern.  It can be trickly to draw.  I would start on paper.