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Bias Insert Trim

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Hi everyone -- thanks for all the many helpful tips I rec'd on piping next to hem edge and my grandson's pinwale cordoroy pants - now I'm on my last XMAS project - a jumper for my granddaughter and I need more help - today if possible.  The pattern is New Look 6528.  There is a bias insert between the dropped waist top and the pleated skirt. I'm making it out of black & white houndstooth check - a poly blend - pleating very well.  The pattern calls for 3/4" ribbon threaded through buttonholes made in the bias insert and attached permanently at the side seams.  Then the ribbon is to be tied in a bow at center front.  My question is what kind of ribbon to use that would be washable, since the poly blend washed up beautifully before cutting. Looks like the pattern front picture has a velvet ribbon - is velvet washable?  I don't have any suitable ribbon on hand.  I do have some interlock poly in black on hand.  Does anyone have any ideas for what else I could do with this bias insert.  I could leave it plain but that seems too boring.  Would appreciate any ideas --- soon?

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You'd need to look through fabrics that wash or dry clean the same as the dress fabric. If the bow is to be tied permanently it would have to come out wrinkle free. You could also ignore the instructions to attach the ribbon in the side seam and substitute a velcro, snap or button fastening at the sides and simply detach the ribbon before washing. It would still need to be cleanable somehow, especially for a child's dress.

There are cotton velveteens that wash beautifully, and some satins will wash but need ironing. I've made my dd costumes out of the most unlikely fabrics as long as they go through the wash successfully.

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Grosgrain ribbon washes nicely.  However, if at all possible I would make it so the ribbon can be removed as I doubt it will need to be washed as often as the dress.  Another idea would be to make the ribbon out of your choice of fabric, using a serged rolled hem as you would for napkins.  Mary