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bias cowl necked blouse

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I finally finished the Vogue pattern #9771 which is cut on the bias with a cowl neck. I made this from a beautiful silk print charmuse and I will not make this pattern again! First, I debated a lining or underlining and decided to use neither which was the right way to go. However, with the back cut on the bias, it was very uncomfortable as it pulled down at the neck in back every time I moved and it was plenty loose in fit. I let it "rest " for a while and went back to the problem after I had some patience built up! The final soultion was to create a shaped band 2 inches wide, cut on the straight grain and interfaced with "touch-o-gold" (a extermely light-weight interfacing). I applied this band to the top edge of the back which necessitated removing a small portion of the back at the shoulder  in order for it to fit. A dress form and some help from my sewing friends was indispensible. The fabric was too pretty and too expensive to give up, but I don't think I will ever use bias for the back of anything else! It is possible that this pattern might work if the back is cut on the straight grain. The beauty of the pattern is in the draped neck which must be on the bias. I hope this post will help anyone who has had related issues.