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Best method to hem men's suit pant

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I need to hem the pants of some high-end designer suits my father recently purchased at the manufacturer's warehouse sale.  Looking through his closet i noticed that some of his existing suits (all altered by suit stores) had the edges serged, while others were trimmed using pinking shears.  which is the better approach?


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Both are practiced, I like the pinked as when pressed you don't have a ridge were the threads from the serger make a slight raised mark on the front after pressing. especialy on lighter weight fabric. Also this allows you to taper the seams out  thru the edge should you need to . Like on a tapered hem

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Hi BG:

When I worked at a tailor shop, we always pinked the edges of mens' trousers (about 2.25 to 2.5 inches from desired length - I think), then pinked a tiny snip in the lower edge up the front crease.  I think this was to allow for a little 'give' due to the slight taper of the trousers.  Or it could have made it a little easier to hem the trouser so the back is slightly longer than the front (i.e. slanted - some men were really insistent about the slant and some fabrics make it difficult to achieve this).

Whatever your father likes, please insist that he try each pant on (with dress shoes) and pin the desired length each time (one pant leg is fine - unless his leg length differs).  While most men's pants are cut pretty much the same, sometimes it's different and the inseam length will vary from style to style.  For example, a wider legged trouser will have a longer inseam compared to a more tapered leg style.  If your father is like most men, he will probably balk at the effort of un/dressing more than once per day and tell you just to hem everything to his inseam length (which he will insist hasn't changed since he was 19 and has been fine on every pair of pants he has owned since then).

Hope this helps.



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