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Bernina 930 needs doctor!

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puleeeze, someone tell me the BEST repair person in my area, Eureka Springs, AR. to repair a 930 Bernina. i am unable to engage my special stitching choices....the lever moves but the only results i have are zig-zag and straight. i discovered this while attempting the special stitches with a "magic needle" for topstitching. i am new to this area, having just moved from Texas. i have authorized dealers close, within 1-2 hours and certainly do not mind going farther. i just prefer feedback from the experienced sewer.

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Just a question: This is a machine you've had for a while and are familiar with, not a used one, recently purchased?

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absolutely bought brand new by me. the dealers in fort worth sold me 2 different Bernina machines and that has been sooooooooo long ago, they are now retired!

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So you do know the machine very well, and it sounds as though it really is busted (rare for a 930, isn't it? I've had mine for dog's ages, and it is still going strong).

Doggone it, if you lived in Southern California, I have a genius Bernina mechanic who could make yours behave like a pup again, but I don't have any connections out where you are.

Anyone else familiar with Bernina dealers in this area?

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well, horsefeathers!!! i am going to take a chance and i will let you know how it works out. thanks anyway, Elona.