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bed sheets

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bed sheets (post #24981)

Obviously a novice sewer.  Need to make a fitted bottom sheet for a 3/4 bed with depth approx. 13 inches and elastic on the tuck in.  How do I make the corners and how do I measure the amount of elastic needed.  Any info greatly appreciated.

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I made a crib sheet once... and think you could use the same method for a bed.

Drape the fabric wrong side up - wide enough or seamed together - over the bed. Form the corners and pin the vertical seam at the corners, including the length that would tuck under the mattress.

Sew the seam and then add elastic around the corner -- or around corner and across the top/bottom to the other corner. Viola! a fitted sheet.

I have seen wide muslin at Joann's, but not sure where you would find more traditional sheet fabric for your project.

Good luck!


Nancy R

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You could look in quilt stores for wide backing fabric, that sometimes comes in 96" or more width. There would be more than just plain muslin available.

200 thread count cotton is available in most quilt stores, by Kona or Southern Maid (I think). It's not extra wide, however.

Simplest way, use her drape method, but start with a real sheet in the size that's too big. Save one corner and create the other 3 by the draping, sewing and addition of elastic.

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Thanks Nancy for your message.  I will give this a try.

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in the event that you can't find wide enough fabric and have to seam 2 widths together, do NOT use a straight stitch. use a zigzag. straight stiching will not "give" with body weight and it will hurt (like you are lying on a piece of fishing line pulled taut) and then break.

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When I made fitted sheets I used the instructions on .They turned out great. I used a flat sheet and let out the hems.

You can also check

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See the website below for instructions on making fitted sheets.