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Beautiful geometric skirt


I dont even know where to start.  Anyone have an idea.  Also would  I need any special tools to create this pattern.  I've never tried something this intricate.  

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May be simpler than you thought (post #39073, reply #1 of 1)

This was probably cut out by a laser; buy you don't need your own laser to make one.

The skirt fabric should be non-raveling.  You also need pencil and paper, a skirt pattern which fits, textured hand or machine embroidery thread or trim and glue, plus a craft knife.

Design your cutouts.  Compare this to the pattern pieces to be sure what will be revealed when worn.  Usually smart designers assume normal underwear will be worn and allows for that to be covered.  Also the parts of the body covered by most bikinis shouldn't be accented by design motifs.

Sew the embroidery or glue the trim.  If you don't have fancy machine embroidery stitches, two or more parallel rows of straight stitching will give the same effect.

Cut out the openings with the sharp craft knife over a disposable protective surface.  Heavy cardboard, scrap wood or styrofoam are good.

Wear and enjoy.