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Beaded Lace

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Beaded Lace (post #24845)

Can you tell me please the best way to cut beaded lace? TIA

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The cheeky answer is VERRRRY carefully. More specifically and less cheeky is by cutting around the beads if possible and or carefully cutting the beads off and saving them to add back on after cutting around any pattern in the lace and then adding the beads back after attaching the lace.

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Before cutting the lace, look at the back side to see how the beads were attached and how many knots were used. If all the threads look connected with few knots, you'll need to secure any of those that will be cut so that the whole line doesn't fall off. If the beads are knotted frequently, you'll have fewer loose ends to worry about.

I would chalk the cutting lines on the back side of the lace and then secure the ends of beading intersecting the lines before I did any actual cutting.

A very recent article (perhaps in Threads, but maybe in another magazine?) had very clear instructions and illustrations about cutting lace; one point was about cutting around motifs instead of across them, and this might be especially helpful if those motifs are beaded separately.

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I learned how from the instructions in Sew A Beautiful Wedding by Palmer/Pletsch.  Also, when I know I've cut threads or I am going to, I give the threads the tiniest dot (use a straight pin) of white craft glue close to the bead (wrong side naturally.  God Bless You, Galey