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batting in a garment

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I am in the process of making a vest from lightweight cotton denim. The fronts are pin-woven using serged edge strips. The back is solid fabric (the denim). I want to do some outline embroidery on the vest back. So the stitching will show well, I think a batting--very light weight--should be used. This is my delima: cotton quilt batting? Very light-weight polyester batting? or something else?? I think flannel is too heavy. MLee
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Batting doesn't usually hold up in garments unless you dry-clean the item.  This is especially true of cotton and the unshaped poly-fill, which shift and bunch terribly if wet.  On denim, the stitching will show up fine as is, and a flannel interlining will make the vest especially heavy.  Of course, make some sizeable samples and decide for yourself!

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I agree.  I don't think you (post #35768, reply #2 of 2)

I agree.  I don't think you need anything under the denim or you will have a very heavy vest.