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ballet wrap skirt

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I will be sewing a ballet wrap skirt for my nine year old.  I need advise on cutting the skirt without any side seams and using   ribbon as the hem.

Thanks Very Much

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Do you have a pattern?  I believe there is one in either McCalls or Butterick, and Stretch and Sew has one, too.  To do it without side seams, just overlap the seam allowances on the pattern front and back, tape together and cut on the fold.  You will just need to sew the shoulder seams then and set the sleeves.

I assume you will be using a stretch fabric.  You will want to stabilize it a bit before adding the ribbon, either by serging it or sewing a straight stitch along the hem and then zigzagging it.

Somebody put a stop payment on my reality check!

Just reread the header on this and am wondering if you are making a skirt or a shirt?

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Somebody put a stop payment on my reality check!

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Thanks very much for your advise.


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I would cut a great big circle and then cut a smaller circle for the waist, cut a slit from one edge to the other. If you cut your waist hole to be 6 or 7 inches bigger than your daughter's waist it will overlap that far. It is easiest to cut something like this by folding your fabric in quarters and cutting a quarter circle. With a little bit of measuring it should be fairly easy to figure out. I hope this isn't entirely unintelligible - I know exactly what I mean!

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The flat pattern for the wrap skirts the dancers wear in class looks rather like a crescent roll with the center back being on the bias. The lengths vary but the pattern stays basically the same. Usually they are polyester georgette and have a serged edge finish. A ribbon edge would be pretty but would change the swishy dancing quality of the edge. Also the hem is one long curve which might make applying a ribbon a trial. But maybe you have plans other than a ballet class for this skirt?

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Hello Elisabeth,

Many thanks for your advise.  I used a square dance skirt cutting technique  adn cut the opening with a curve.  You are indeed correct my orginal idea to finish the hem with ribbon was not practical therefore, I apply the roll hem.

The total cost including pink thread was $4.00 including both taxes compare to $28.00 store brought!


Thanks again and happy sewing.