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Audrey Childress

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I am the daughter of renowed Bishop Method Certified Master Teacher-Trainer Audrey T. Childress, who sadly passed away in 1996 after an illustrious 40-year career.  Audrey taught over 30,000 students during the course of her lifetime.  I am still very much involved in the sewing world and continue to sew in the finest traditions of Bishop Method and Audrey's teachings.  Anyone who would like to contact me to share information or reminisce, please feel free to do so.  I would very much like to chat with some of her former students....

Warmest wishes,

Donna Childress Brandt

(Carencro, Louisiana)

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I took one of Audrey's classes (June 1981) in Houston, Texas a few months after I got married.  I am still so happy I scraped together the money (not much, but as a new bride there wasn't a lot to spend) to take the one-day class.  I learned so much, and continue to use what I learned.  I still have the pressing hams and cloths.  I use her construction method and rarely bother with the pattern instructions provided with most patterns.  That one day's information has remained with me for 24 years!

Your mother touched many, many lives.  She lives on, throught our garments. 


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Meg, I am absolutely thrilled to hear from you.  Which class did you take?