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Attaching lining to sleeveless top

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How do you attach a lining to a sleeveless top with an empire waistline. I would like to line only the top part.  Is there a way to do it with minimal hand sewing.


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I assume this top has a neckline with no collar and a back zip/closure or seam.  If so, then sew the shoulder seams of both the top and the lining, press open. 

Sew the neck opening seam with the lining right side together with the top fabric.  Trim seam, do under- stitching & press.  Turn the lining right sides together with the top fabric and sew one armhole seam--from side seam around to the other side seam.  Trim, clip & press. Pull the back lining thru the narrow shoulder "tunnel" thru to the front (the top back will follow thru the "tunnel")--you should have a completed armhole but with the side seams still unsewn.  You can under-stitch the lining, starting from each side seam sewing up toward the shoulder as far as possible, stop, then start on the other side of the armhole.  Press.   

Sew the other armhole the same way.  Sew the top side seams beginning at the bottom of the top , sewing  thru to the lining bottom.