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Area sewing classes

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I live in Wilmington, DE  and have recently began sewing again.  I am looking for some classes in the area that would allow me to brush up on my skills in a few seesions.  I am willing to travel toward MD or southern DE, and even southeastern PA and Jersey.  I am already aware of Loder's sewing center, I have taken two classes there and I think I need different content.  I believe I have a pretty good handle on the basics, but I would like more information on fitting and alterations of patterns and ready to wear.  Can anyone out there help me?

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What a coincidence.....

I attended a PACC function last night in Baltimore and met a fellow sewing professional who teaches in Wilmington.  Although her specialty is heirloom sewing, perhaps she can point you in the right direction if she can't meet your needs herself. Her website is  She tells me she also teaches at Loder's.  I'm in Easton MD, so I have no idea where that is -- I'm sure they're in the phone book.  Best of luck!

-Stephanie Corina Goddard-                                                                              Member, Professional Association of Custom Clothiers (PACC)

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-Stephanie Corina Goddard-

Member, Professional Association of Custom Clothiers (PACC)