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applying interlining to outer winter coat

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need help with steps to take when using:  outer fashion fabric, interfacing, interlining and lining coat using V1097 pattern.  the pattern itself offers no mention of installing a (warm element) to this coat.  I'd love to construct this item and make it "winter worthy."  HELP!

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applying interlining (post #33901, reply #1 of 1)

Interlining is the same as underlining, I believe.  It is sewn as one with the fashion fabric--that is, the 2 layers are treated as one.  I have used lightweight wool for this (recycled from an unsuccessful garment), as well as a preshrunk cotton flannel.  It may help to use a spray adhesive such as 505 between the layers.  There used to be a woven lining fabric with a satin face and fleece back--anyone know if this is still out there?  The weight of the interfacing should be adjusted to the weight of the FF-IL layer.  I'm sure Threads has had at least one article on this; you might want to search the online index.  Fellow sewers, am I right?  Don't let me lead this woman astray!