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Ann Steeves' welt pocket article

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Hello everyone.... I made a practice welt pocket using the instructions in Ann Steeves' article in Threads #122 and it turned out beautifully....I'd avoided these pockets for years because of other people's horror stories and am really pleased to be able to add them to my sewing repertoire.. Thank You Ms. Steeves for my favorite Threads article of the last few years !...

 I do have a question, though... I'm making a friend's suit for his wedding this summer and would like to add these pockets to the back of the pants (made of a medium weight khaki ) ... Can I follow this procedure for welt pockets on an unlined, washable garment ?  I'm kind of concerned about the patch of fusible interfacing (applied to the wrong side of the welt)... I usually don't use fusibles because they either decompose or bubble after a few washings....

Anyone have any words of wisdom ?

Thanks for listening.....

                         Christopher Yost

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I don't see why not.  You might practice a pocket on a good-sized scrap of the material and then wash that to see what happens.  Just in case.  But why not line the pants? It's easy!  I think as long as you have constructed a good pocket bag, why not do it on a pair of unlined pants?

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Ok, I love the look of welt pockets, but hate them on pants. When you slash out the opening for the pocket, you weaken the fabric. I have found that with the extra stress on the seat of the pants with sitting, bending, etc, I have encountered numerous pairs of pants that tear from the sides of the pockets along the grainlines of the fabric. Oh, I guess that I should mention that I work as a seamstress and do much clothing repair. This is one of the most requested repairs that I get on men's pants.

Hope this helps


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That is really good info to know!  Thanks