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Altra sewing kits

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I have an Altra kit for a man's jacket. However, I do not have the instructions on how to assemble it. Has anyone ever made a jacket from this manufacturer? They are currently out of business, as well as Frostline which were popular at the same time. The jacket that I have is a twill type fabric with corduroy trim on the collar. It has a light weight lining with ribbing at the waist and sleeves. All of the pieces are precut but not named. I laid out the pieces but seemed to have a couple of extra pieces.

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I loved Frostline kits and am still using a down comforter I made about 25 years ago. Anyway, I did a search and found this info on The info is a couple years old but might be worth a try. They might be able to help with construction info.

Frostline Kits
P O Box 3419
Grand Junction, CO 81502
Fax 970-242-0286

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