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Altering Men's Suit Jackets

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My son recently purchased a man's suit jacket.  I insisted that I could do the alterations, rather than pay to have alterations completed.

I cannot find the opening in the lining to get inside the jacket.  It is hidden so well.  Does anyone know where the closure is on men's ready to wear? 


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The linings are generally "bagged" in ready-to-wear.  This means they are sewn together by machine and pulled through a small opening to the right side.  That opening is often at a side seam, or it could be inside a sleeve seam.

For your project, however, I'd carefully remove stitching at the hem, if possible.  It will be easier to return to the original condition, and you won't have to worry about distorting the shape of the seams.

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I have spent 20 years altering mens' ready-to-wear. You may not find a seam on a suit or sport coat. They may be turned and have the sleeve linings sewn on separtately, and the lapels and roll lines tacked, so they can't just be turned inside out.

To take in the sides, pick out the stitching that attaches the lining to the hem at the side seams. If you take out four inches on one side, and about eight on the other, that will do.

Now on the side you made the bigger opening: reach in with your hand as far as you can, grip the inside of the coat, and carefully pull the body of the coat inside out, so you can work on it more easily.

Feel free to email me with any other questions.

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