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Altering a garment's neckline

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Has anyone changed a jewel neckline to a V-neckling on a garment?  I want to do so.  I'm thinking of drafting a pattern from the finished garment, experimenting with the changes, and then transferring the changes to the garment.  Can anyone recommend a more straightforward and/or simple approach?


Thank you very much.


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I did it years ago.  The (post #36072, reply #1 of 1)

I did it years ago.  The orginial pattern was a dolman sleeve, jewel neckline blouse with just a button and loop closing in the back (it was a pull over the head pattern for woven fabric so not very fitted).  With the help of a friend (very experienced professional dressmaker), I traced the front pattern piece onto newsprint and drew in my new neckline.  She had me remove about 1/2" from the necline by pleating the paper and pinning it with a straight pin (appoximately equall distanct from the center front and the shoulder).  This was to remove any gapping in the neckline.  I added the seam allowance on the fabric when I cut out the pattern.  And made the new facing by tracing the new neckline and making it the same width as the back facing.  Because I make the neckline a V, I didn't need the button closer at the center back neck so I elimated the back seam allowance and put the back pattern piece on the foldline.