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alter straight jacket into peplum

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I have a very long, straight Talbot's jacket made of wool or a wool blend and lined.  I prefer a much shorter jacket length these days and was thinking I could try to convert it into a peplum style.  By that, I don't mean that it would flare out from the waist, but simply have a seam that defines the waist.  I would probably also tuck in the sides at the same time or add back darts to shape it some more.  Given the proportions of the jacket, I think it's possible to do this without messing up pockets, etc.  I was wondering if anyone here has ever tried to do something like this.  Any advice?  I can take and post a photo if anyone wants to see the jacket.

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If it doesn't  interfere with (post #36084, reply #1 of 1)

If it doesn't  interfere with the pockets, I don't know why you couldn't do it.  I would put it on, mark the waist with a string around your waist and then place pins along that line and cut it apart a bit longer so you have sea allowance on the bottom to work with.  Then nip it in at seams to fit the way you want it and then you will also have to nip in the bottom to fit back on.  Should be fun!!  Go for it!