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Advice on marking straight and bias when making patterns from other clothes

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Hi there,

I recently watched the Kenneth D King on how to copy an item by making a pattern from it ( video section of threads...............evening cape)

Kenneth says to mark the CB with thread basting; fine with that, but then goes on to say you should mark the straight and bias on each piece. How do I do this correctly??


I am ok on doing this on drafting from scratch, but want to ensure I do this correctly when "copying" from an actual item.


Thanks in advance for any answers that guide me through this.


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Advice on marking straight and bias when making patterns from ot (post #32606, reply #1 of 1)

Has a SNAFU happened here?  To my memory this ISO was posted earlier in March & received applicable replies.   Is repeating in order?  Can we somehow do a search to calrify? 


ETA - maybe my Senior Brain is recalling part of the previous post.  It might have been another member.  I'm still working at locating former messages.

>> Sigh <<

ETA - Again -  So I scrolled.     Under Recent Discussions, I opened General Discussion.   The previous replies were there.  Which has me wondering if  smockerlady missed them.  If the member reads this might there be a try to find the other replies?

>> Hopeful <<