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abutting strips of thick hemp?

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Hi -- I'm new to this group, but am really impressed by all the sharing of ideas. Here's one I need help with. I am going to be making an outdoor shade of strips of very thick hemp. Seaming the strips appears like it won't lay flat afterwards and I was wondering if it's possible to abut the 1 foot long strips and zigzag over the line where they come together. Is this a good idea? Do I need a specail thread or stabilizer? Have never done any"abutting" before.



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it's a great idea. use adding machine paper or lightweight tear away stabilizer strips.

a zig zag or a coverstitch (if you have such a machine) will accomplish the task and look good. solving a problem feels good doesn't it?

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No coverstich, but will try the adding machine paper and zig-zag. What a great way to recycle yet another paper product that I hadn't even thought of.



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If your hemp is woven loosely, you may want to run a fine bead of fray check down the joint to help hold the threads in place. 

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very good idea -- thanks