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tracing paper for patterns

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I need a new source or suggestion for tracing paper for patterns, like Burda WOF magazine.

A local fabric shop used to sell examining room paper, but doesn't anymore.

Tracing paper I got from an architectural supply firm is too stiff and tears too easily.

I've also used wax paper, but really want something like the examining romm paper

Any suggestions.

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Examination room paper is great.  I get mine from Nancy's Notions, they call it pattern paper, but I'm sure it's the same thing:

They have something else that looks more like a nonwoven product as well (haven't used that).

Clotilde's catalog lists several options as well (their "pattern tracing paper" is probably what you're looking for):

The only paper I could find at an office supply store was much heavier, too heavy for garment patterns.


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Cynthia Guffey sells some really good pattern tracing paper which I prefer to examination paper because it is stronger and more transparent. I also find that I can trace on it using magic markers without worrying about it bleeding through.

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Sounds interesting.  I found her website ( and did not see the paper mentioned.  How would I find out more about it?



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I am surprised that it is not mentioned on her website. I have purchased it from Cynthia's booth at the Sewing and Quilt Expo in Minneapolis on two different occasions. Perhaps you might call her (I think she has an 800 number) to find out if she still carries it.

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Thanks!  I may try that.


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Try a medical supply store.  Galey

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Wazoodle has rolls of paper.

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I use examining room--type paper that I bought from Clotilde.I'm hard to fit and I always trace off patterns (and make muslins). My favorite, basic patterns have all been thumb-tacked to the back of my sewing room door for number of years and held up well! I like to use a Flair pen to trace off the patterns--not to thin, not too thick.


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I am currently using the leftover aisle runner "fabric" from my daughter's wedding (not the plastic kind) to copy patterns, 36 inches wide! Purchased on-line $40 for 100 feet roll.