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I used to receive emails with links to Insider articles and features but haven't received any emails for about 3 months. I thought maybe my subscription had expired but it doesn't expire till September. I've sent two messages to Threads but haven't received a response. I'm not sure whether I should re-up or not. Do they still send email updates? It was so convenient to just click on a link to view videos, etc. 


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Checking on your issue (post #40636, reply #1 of 4)

Dear Judy,

I'm checking in with one of our web experts to see why you might not be getting e-letters. We do still send them out! Have you checked your spam or junk mail folders?

Thank you for writing--I hope we can get this sorted out for you soon. We're posting new content on Insider regularly, and I don't want you to miss anything.


Carol Fresia, Threads Technical Editor

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Hello, again, Judy, Our web (post #40636, reply #2 of 4)

Hello, again, Judy,

Our web producer tells me that Threads weekly eletters always feature an insider article, even if the eletter doesn't say "Insider" in the subject line. We are also planning to bring back monthly Insider member newsletters in the near future, so you can expect them to appear in your in-box.

Meanwhile, take a look at the regular eletters, which will contain links to Insider content as well.

Thanks, and enjoy!


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More on Insider e-letters (post #40636, reply #3 of 4)

Judy, as I delve further into this, I would like to check that the email address where you receive any Threads e-letters is the same as the address you used to sign up for Insider membership. The address we have on file for you ends in If you think this might be the issue, please contact us at the editorial office, at Mention in your email that you've been communicating with me on the forums, so the email can be forwarded to me and I can follow up.
Thanks, and I hope we can get this figure out for you.

Carol Fresia

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Thanks for checking into this for me. I checked my spam mail and there's nothing there from Threads. I'll communicate further with the editorial office.