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Pattern Storage Boxes

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I am looking for an online company that supplies reasonably price pattern storage boxes.

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I just checked Nancy's Notions website and they have pattern boxes.........3/$12.98.  I have them and they work great.  I have way too many patterns so have them in numberical order and divided i.e. 'mens', ladies, childrens, toddlers, etc.

I think Clotilde carries them as well.  Her website is  and Nancy's Notions is   Good luck!!


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Thanks for the info.  One of our stores had them on for $2.00 each but I was to late.  By the time I got around to it they were sold out. I wanted to buy a 12 and the ones that were left I was going to put odds and ends in.  I will check the sites you listed.


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HI whatsewever and Crazy K

I wanna' find plastic one for patterns  -  I am trying to get away from all of the cardboard.   I live in an older home and my sewing room in the back room that is cooler.  I have been looking and not seen what I like. 
Do you know any other sites and or any others stores that might have these
Sincere  thanks,  :~) tera

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After seeing my daughter using them, I opted for the Sterilite files.  1896 fits patterns quite well.  1892 or 1894 for those patterns I make myself for various sewing projects.

The portability of the cases is a plus for me. 

If you're a "coupon"  person, you can purchase them at Joann's using theirs.  You have to be mindful because sometimes they'll be on sale for 20% off and this invalidates the coupon.





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Hey  thanks !!! 
I like that #1896  I have some large envelope ones and that would fit best. 

I try to get to Joanns at least once a month.  I live out in the country.  I was getting the sale ads with the coupons and then they stopped - I guess I need to see why I not.

IF fact I bought my dress form from them several years ago and it was a floor model they were selling and I used my coupon and had a better savings.  I am a sale nut according to my neice - she says I sniff them out.  :~) 

Thanks again I will keep my eyes open  -  With Walmart taking their material out of most of their stores - I have to go farther for my fabric and etc...  I am so so disappointed.  They are totally re-doing the Walmart near me and it is a mess - so un-user-friendly ! 
I so enjoyed looking at the fabric & sell items in their craft dept.  They also carried so many things that the craft stores do at a better price.  

Oh my mother-in-law used an old suitcase for storing patterns.  She didn't have many - she quilts alot more. 
I have lots and was in a thrift store and found 14 for $5.00 and many never even open the package - there was only one size too big and it can be cut down and there were several childrens patterns that I use to make the grankids when they get older.  (tehehehee my first is still in the over - u might say) 
My daughter's dr. appt is tomorrow and she will let us when we can expect this new little  one.   :~) 

Again thanks,  :~) tera

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I was going to say Wal-Mart has the Sterlite. I use those and cardboard boxes I got from Hancock when they were on sale.

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Great I will try the Walmart on the Way to Hancocks - we have one Walmart in Fredericksberg, Va that didn't get rid of their sewing and crafts stuff and that was is near the Hancocks - they are about an hour from me. 

This Walmart in my little town is under-going such change it is a mess and it is unsettling my son, so we have to wait till all is completed.  I need to get back there to return some things I got him - but it is such a mess.  
I went one Sunday afternoon while my husband was home with our son and everyone was complaining of the mess and the disorganization everywhere.  I got a few things and left and went to the crafts store & Target. 

It is a shame that we have to go to Craft and Fabric stores for what we need.  :~(
OH well atleast we do have them.  :~) 

Thanks for that info.  I will see it Target has them too.  I am finding the short boxes that too do not hold much I would love the taller and they be longer too. 

I love storage I can see through.  I have many in my sewing room for my different projects and each are labeled.   I have this one that like a truck - I really like this one even though I can not see through it - I keep my quilts material  I am working on it that one.  
We have one of those - what you call -tiger rooms - where You store all that you're not sure you want but not sure you wanna part with  and they are in boxes and I am so so ready to clean them out - most is my hubbys craft book and hunting books and car book and .....  then our daughter left stuff in there too. 
I think I am getting the spring fever !   RAHOOO !!!!!  We all need it ! 
I have my son's stuff in those ones that roll under the bed and he clear it up at night and rolls it back up to store until the next day.  Great for Lego's !!
OH to wiggle the nose to get rid of collected stuff. 
Thanks again, I will keep my eyes peered,  :~)  tera

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I didn't find the ones at Wal-Mart in the fabric dept. They were in the plastic container dept. Good luck!

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Well you know - that is why I not find them !  :~/  go figure huh  !
Thanks for making that clarification there for me. 
I will check out the plastic area and look for them.  I, like, needed them yesterday.  
I didn't realize just how many patterns I have until I took them out of the area I had them and was sectioning them.  I want to list them so I would know what I had and how best to find the one I need for whatever project next.  
I love to mix and match different patterns to make something new.  
Thank you my dear,  :~) 

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You are welcome.

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>> ... JoAnn's ... once a month. ... was getting the sale ads with the coupons and then they stopped - <<

If I understand correctly, when a customer falls short of going into a JoAnn's, and leaving their label, at least once a month, their name gets dropped from the mailing list.  I drop mine off at the register w/o making a purchase.  This has been acceptable so far. 

Next time your there, look near the register for the form you can complete to hopefully get the sales brochure again.

Thank you for going to the Sterilite site.  Those files may fill a need for you.


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Thank you, now I know why I haven't heard from them and the next time I go in  I will re-sign back up.   Then I guess I will have to force myself to buy atleast something there once a month.  teheeheheehee  :~)   Thanks again ,  :~) 

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>> ... force myself to buy ... <<

Unnecessary to buy, just drop off your mailing label at the register.


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OH,.....hey,  I know - that's was just a funny - I know I do not need to buy. 

The Joann closest to me is in the next town,  so I have to plan to go there. 
Too I really never need to force myself to buy anything in a Craft and or Sewing Store.   
I love my crafts and sewing.  It brings me pleasure and personal satisfaction when I sew/make something for myself and or others.   

One thing about Joann's - they carry a host of things for any Craft and that great.  
There are always displays and ideas everywhere so it would not be hard at all to buy atleast one thing.  
Thanks my dear,  I had really forgot about the coupons after a while and then I had to look for something there and then thought - oh yeah I am not getting them anymore.   So I am glad that I now know and can clear this up. 
Hope your day is great,  :~)  tera

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:~) tera        What does this mean?          sometimes you use a slash mark.   There are a lot of little codes being used in these threads and I usually finally figure them out, but this one stumps me.  It looks like a smile, but the tera?                Thanks, M.A. (my initials)

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I am so use to texting my sis and we use interesting signs -
:~) is my smiley face
:~/ is a oh well and or a I stumped or u got me and or just puzzled
tera is a name I go by on line.(sorta mixture of my first and middle name)  
I have 3 different emails for 3 different groups and or sections - I have a crafts, memberships and co. email and then I have a family one and then I have that friends from around the world. 
MY niece once was in a chat room and somehow (I was told) she add all her address and I was blasted by a lot I didn't care for so I had to totally clean house so to speak and I set up new email, site and names for all.  
I hope I have explained all if not let me know   :~) 
P.S. dollmarm is a name my daughter gave me.  Our favorite movie when she was little was 'Little Women' and she called me marmee/marm and it has stuck plus I am a doll collector. when I was a very little girl I had all the Barbie's and my grandmother made all their clothes and a little girl would visit her grandparents&come over to play barbies on our back porch and one late evening she ran in and stole them and lied and her grandparents took up for her.  When my husband saw some of the re-makes of the ol'fashioned Barbie, Midge and etc - he, our daughter bought me several for Christmas and wow years later - I have a collection of the ol' ones. 
Then, my daughter in her teens made me a plague with little wood pieces in the form of a doll to hang over my dolls in my Craft Room. 
SO I am called dollmarm/dolly marmee - my daughter will soon be a marmee   :~)

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I have a suggestion for pattern storage.  I have mine in a file cabnet in # sequence.  They are in the instruction sheets with bands around them 2 to a folder.  The envelopes are in loose leaf notebooks in poastic sleeves.  The books are in categories.  Baby, Toddlers, children, teens, women, and men.  When I need a pattern I look in the book that I need and pull the pattern from the cabnet.  I never throw away a pattern.  You never know when you might need just that pattern.


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After I received your email I was out and went to Walmart to see if they had and plastic boxes that would fit patterns but they didin't have any.  I also checked a coupld of catalogues but they didn't have anything either.  They were all to big or not deep enough.  It's a tough one.  I am going to start carrying an old pattern envelope with me so when I am in a store I can check the boxes to see if the pattern will fit.  Sorry, I couldn't be more help to you.


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HEY I was out at Target last week and was looking and was wishing I had one of my big envelopes with me too.  I found the same thing with the different sizes. 
I still looking and haven't found what I wanna eventually have. 
Thanks for your help!  I know it will hit me when I see it - will let you know when I do!  :~)  tera

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I will also let you know if I find anything that holds a large Vogue pattern as well as the smaller patterns.  Happy hunting.


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that's a deal my friend,  :~)

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:~) tera, thank you for the explanation, Dollmarm.  I do think the nose effect adds a lot to the smily face.  I am not into the text message way of life (yet) but have learned never to say never.  

As for the pattern storage question, I think I have tried them all.  I find it almost impossible to throw a pattern away, especially if it is a craft pattern therefore I have ended up with an impossible collection that outgrew all the smaller storage boxes.  My solution was to purchase several of those large cardboard closet storage boxes (you could substitute any kind of box) and cut two pieces of cardboard for dividers.  I can insert three rows of patterns this way in each box and I have 4 boxes.  So that I do not have to go through the boxes to find what I want, I put each pattern in a quart size plastic bag (not the zipper, too bulky) with the picture on the direction sheet facing up so I can see the pattern number and the contents.  The envelope, I put in one of the cardboard pattern storage boxes like we see at JoAnn's.  All the patterns are in numerical order and all the envelopes are categorized in the box with divider cards I fashioned from manila folders and labeled dresses, blouses, pants, etc.  There is more than ample room for all those envelopes in the one box and it is my pattern catalog.   Since the plastic bags hold a lot of air when they are zipped up, I first lay them on my ironing board over a towel for padding and use an old sewing machine needle or an awl and punch holes randomly so the air can escape when the bag is zipped.  This helps tremendously in storing the patterns efficiently.  After the box is full I write on a 3x5 card the pattern numbers held in that box... not all the numbers, just say, 1900 - 4099 and tape it to the outside of the box.  The quart size bag I prefer is made by Presto.  It seemed most economical and they have one that is not closed with a zipper.  My oversize Vogue patterns end up in the back of the box where they can overlap and find room, but I still only put the appropriate no. ones in the appropriate box.  The patterns all fit right side up so are easy to find.

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I had them in  boxes for a while and we live in an older home wth my Craft/sewing Room and stuff in the lower corner of the house where it is cooler.  I have mostly Rubbermaid Storage bucket and then I have the one trunk with quilting stuff in and I wanna try to stay with plastic and or use a couple of my file drawers. 
When my daughter moved she left this desk that was too big for her to move and I have the drawer section that I have some files in.  
There are so many ideas that you never know which one suits your own fancy or clicks and then .... you say that's the one - I wanna do that !  
I have too boxes in a room that I am still going through from the last move and we have been here 3 years.  Life just keep us all in so many directions that it is hard to just stop and work on just one..
Thanks and take care,  :~)  

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I use an old fashioned blouse chest to store my patterns. Most of these are about 24 by 15 inches and 28 inches high with three drawers.
Normal size pattern envelopes will fit upright in three rows across each drawers and the large Vogue envelopes sit sideways, two rows to a drawer.
The chests can often be found in secondhand shops.

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Thanks for the info.  I have received so many responses that it sure gives me a lot to think about when finally making my decision as to how to store all my patterns.

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Another great idea but space is my problem.  My room is a combo, computer and sewing.  All my furniture except my bookcase and a couple of small units will be dismantled and send off to the dump.  I have a desk and dresser in the garage waiting to be painted and when they are done and place into the room then I can decide if I can fit anymore furniture in.  I am keeping an open mind in regards to everyones ideas.

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I have been looking when I am out and about and came across a good plastic box.  It is a Rubbermaid Keepsake box.  Size 18.3 " L x 9.1" W & 6.8" H.  I estimate that it would hold about 30 regular size patterns placed on there side.  It is acutally for photo's.  In Canadian it is priced at $9.98. 

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hey neat, thanks
I was thinking I was going to have to look outside the "sewing world" box so to speak !

I am thinking about one that will hold alot more like one of their large longer boxes so that I can keep quite a bit more and or keep the sectioned better. 

 I was out at Goodwill lastweek (one of my son best places to shop) we check out all the ol'videos - DVD player too complicated for him to still know how to work well)
SO while he looking at the videos and I am checking out the craft stuff that ones donate. 
I found a really neat oversize black weave bag for carrying small craft projects$3 and patterns were .50 and some never used and even opened.  I found 16 for self,hubby, others and craft.  Then they had 4cross-stich craft frames for $2.50 as a set. 

SO you see I keep increasing atleast my patterns.   I love mix mix and match & esp when they are this cheap !

I will check that out this week when I get out to the store and will let you know what I come up with. 
Thanks so much of thinking of me and letting me know :~)

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I love a good bargain.  I just got an email from another gal and she got an used pattern for her curtains at Value Village.  I have so many patterns that I don't look in the stores very often, just look at my stash.  I went online to Vintage Patterns (if you have been to that site it's a must - 1930 to 1970) and found one of my Vogue patterns is selling for $65.00.  Was I surprised to see the prices of the vintage patterns.  I really didn't give much thought to old patterns.

I hope you find some suitable boxes for your patterns.  That is on hold for me until I redo my sewing room.





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It really should be for me too, 
With all the talk in the posting on organization I gain some really new insight of how much better I should organize my place. 
I have so many different projects going and then our daughter expecting her 1st baby. 
I just have so many patterns that need my attention. 
It has been a while that I needed or even looked in the pattern books but did so when I was trying to find one to design those jacket pieces into pants/capri's. 

The last 2  x's I have been in Goodwill some one has donated a large Rubbermaid bucket full of them. 
What looks sad is they have never been used.  Now it may be where some stores have donated some of them too.  Most are quite older but some styles never go out.  Many that I bought there were extra pieces I wanted to add to mine and some for my hubby when I get the chance to do for him.  (he is very very picky, tall and needs longer than the norm)
Duluth has been the only company he likes to get certain things.  He has to have pockets in all shirts and those side pockets on his pants. 
He really needs a 'man bag' - but will not !!  :~) 

We will be remolding the back great room (hopefully soon) where my Craft/sewing center is in.  We have those old big glass sliding doors and they need to be replaced.   So when that project starts I will have to totally re-do my area.   It will probably be shut down and then I can look at how I want to improve it all.  I many ideas swirling in head. 
I will look tomorrow at several places - let u know what I find,  :~)

WOW I never knew old patterns could be worth so so much !  Thats a thought iffin' you never need one and you wanted some extra cash - wow!! 
That's like my dolls - hubby says hey what I can get for that one and I say no way I do not have them for their cash value - they have history and sentimental value.  Some I have sold and will do with some but most you have are treasures.

Take care and enjoy where-ever and whatever you are working on, :~)