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Hi, ANY feedback is seriously appreciated.

I just had these great/supposedly well made pants tailored. They looked terrible and too long before but when they came back, the fabric below the knee (where it wasnt skin tight), did this bunching thing. Ive had this happen with SO MANY pants in the recent years, tailored or not. Is it a result of the fabric being cut off grain or..? Is there anything i can do to prevent or rectify it? I sew as well, and wonder how I may avoid it. 


Ive attached photos, please take a look to see if you recognize what im talking about. Why does this happen? Thank you so much 



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Pant fitting (post #40693, reply #1 of 4)

Hi, Textilelover. I can't answer your question myself, but I will certainly forward it to someone who is more expert at pant-fitting than I am. It would be helpful to get additional information from you. Would you be willing to contact me at Put "Pant fitting question for Carol Fresia" in the subject line, and it'll get to me.
Thanks, and hope we can solve your problem!

Carol Fresia, Threads Technical Editor

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Pants fit question (post #40693, reply #2 of 4)

Could it possibly be the type of fabric that is used?  When I make pants, I try to use a drapey type fabric.  I find that type of fabric hangs better than cotton or something with cotton in it.  Also, maybe if the leg circumference is a little wider, that might help.  I make all my pants from a pattern I drafted that was in Threads #89.  BEST METHOD EVER.

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If you look at the side (post #40693, reply #3 of 4)

If you look at the side seams, are they straight? I think if they're running more toward the front or toward the back, that would point to where they might need to be let out more if there's enough fabric to do so. Sometimes my seams run more toward the back under the knees due to having bigger calves, so I let out just the back pieces from just above the knees to the ankle to get the side seams to lay straighter/more centered.

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Pants fit (post #40693, reply #4 of 4)

Did you have the pants taken in. It looks like they may have taken too much fabric off the front or back of the legs and when sew back together it caused the legs to twist. Or if they changed the leg length by changing the back or front center seam it may have changed the length of the legs front or back so they are thrown off to more of a bias.