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neoprene (post #22996)

I need to sew up a seam on a wetsuit I bought used. Any suggestions?

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Neoprene is pretty easy to sew, but you do need a roller or teflon foot to get a decent result. Use a long stitch length, and I suggest a lapped seam for greater stability. Check the construction of the other seams on the wetsuit, and try to mimic them. Use a strong thread, and you will be fine.


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If you're re-sewing a seam in a used wetsuit, check to make sure that the original seam did not slit the neoprene when it was torn.  If so, you might want to reinforce the repaired seam with some 100% poly or nylon seam tape (or a small scrap of 100% polyester doubleknit).  As the other poster mentioned, use a long, loose stitch and synthetic thread (NOT cotton!)

If you don't have a teflon or roller foot, you can use tissue paper or newsprint on top and bottom to help it slide.  If the neoprene is nylon-both-sides, you won't have to worry about it sticking; if it's nylon-one-side, stitch it with the fabric side down for better movement across the machine base.  Unless it's a drysuit, you don't need to use seam sealant.

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I'm trying to repair a wetsuit

It looks as if someone cut the seam, perhaps to put in a zipper, so I think the idea of binding is good.