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muslin problem

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I think I may have goofed in posting my first message.  No responses.  So I will try again.  I have a pants muslin that is pretty good at this point.  However it is too ample in the sides.  I have to take out an inch on each side.  When I take this out, do I extend the amount removed all the way down to the hem or just to the knee.  If all the way to the hem,  do I have to split the amount taken out and take half off the inseam and half out of the outseam from the crotch to hem?     Second question.  What causes the fabric over the front thigh to be too snug when I raise my knee, as if I were going up stairs.  I thought I should make the center back seam a little longer, but that just gives me extra fabric under the seat.  Please.... can you help me?

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(First let me say that I am not to be mistaken as a fitting expert!).

I believe that you'll want to keep the straight of grain down through the pant leg, so it seems to me that you would taper both inseam and side seam.

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I answered your first message.  Posting a duplicate could cause more "misses".



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It's only necessary to remove excess on the sides from waist to crotch. Once you pass the crotch area, removal of excess around the leg should be equally balanced. If you find your pant leg is too tight around the front thigh, you probably need to add width in that area. If that creates a very baggy leg, it also means that you probably need to remove some width from the back leg in that area. A good tell tale sign is your seam line. It should hang straight in the middle of your body as viewed from the side. If you see curved lines or lots of excess folds, you need to adjust the leg (front or back) in that area so that your pant leg seam hangs properly. I hope this answers your question but it's tough to diagnose without a photo.

Best wishes.....