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Multi Monitor issues

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Multi Monitor issues (post #51501)

Whenever I open something that causes any sort of animation on my 60Hz screen, then the FPS(and in my case Hz as well because of G-Sync) will start to wildly fluctuate on my 165Hz screen, trying to somehow stick to 60FPS but it causes a lot of stuttering.
This means that outside of desktop use my other monitor becomes unusable. When I play games I want to have OBS or YouTube opened but this will cause incredible stuttering as the FPS start fluctuate the moment I leave anything like that opened on the other screen.
I tried with friends PC who also has W10 Pro x64, 60Hz 1080p, and 75Hz 1080p, GTX 760 4G and he also have this issue, also another friend too. Unfortunately, all my friends have NVIDIA GPU so I cannot test if this issue happens on AMD side as well, IT IS NOT G-Sync related?
Please help.
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