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Looking for School Uniform Pattern

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Hi - does anyone know where I can find a pattern for a v-neck jumper school uniform? I would love to be able to sew my own and save some money. Thanks!


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LizH:  I saw an jumper pattern at Grainline Gear (#1519) in a misses sized XXS-XXL.  It was on the Wachter's Silk site.  It was a straight jumper with a veeneck and buttons down the front.  Would that work?


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Try looking for such a pattern in places like Thrift SStores; Salvation Army/St V de Paul etc; often they have tons of older patterns at 10c or 25c apiece.

Otherwise search on one of the "Vintage Pattern" sellers sites.

Last of all, remember those "Golden Hands" magazines/books from way back when, they included patterns in the bound versions and will have one since they were fashionable still 'way back when'.

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I would buy a uniform an then use it as a pattern. my son is very skinny - i couldn't find uniform pants in his I just made him blue twill pants with an elastic waist and lots of pockets...he even made a few of them with me...deciding on design details (in seam plaid pockets...1/2 elastic pants)


a jumper for a girl should be pretty easy to draft from an existing one.