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Laundry bag made like a corset

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Many, many years ago I had a pattern to make a laundry bag that resembled an old time corset.  It looked  like a corset a saloon girl would wear.  As I recall, you could use placemats (or fabric)  to make it.  You could hang it  from a wooden coat hanger and it was really cute and different.  You know with lace and girlie things.

Does any one out there have the pattern and directions.  I would sure appreciate it.  I would like to make some for Christmas gifts.  Thank you.

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I would think you could do this without a pattern. If you had the appropriate fabric or placements, you could sew in some boning and then sew the front and back together with a little shaping at the side seams. Add some lace to the top and bottom and sew the bottom together with some garters hanging out. Add some fancy lace straps and hang it from a padded lacey hanger.

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