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How to shorten lycra running tights

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When I head off to exercise, the first thing I do is roll the cuffs on my exercise tights up - maybe 4 times because I'm  5 ft 2 inches.  I look like I'm wearing ankle weights to class.

Would someone explain how to shorten the legs and redo the elastic cuff at the bottom? 



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Um, I thought tights had feet.  Do you mean leggings?   Why don't you buy capris?

I'm no help whatsoever.  Sorry.



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Do you really need the elastic cuff?

If not, the easiest method is to cut off each leg where you want it and leave it raw; knits won't ravel, and you might like the freedom of an unhemmed pant.

Or, you can cut about 1/2 inch below where you want it to end, press the 1/2" under, and then topstitch twice around, using a very slight zigzag or stretch stitch.

If you need the elastic cuff, you can either remove the elastic from the current hem and reattach it to the new one, or you can cut off the current cuff about 1/2" above the elastic, then reattach the whole cuff to the the shortened leg. Be aware, though, that the leg taper will require you to take in the side seams near the new hem so that the old cuff matches the new bottom of the leg.

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cut off what you don't need, fold up 1/2 inch and use a cover stitch on the serger.

Or, just serge off what you don't want.

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  Why don’t you try (post #23207, reply #4 of 4)


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