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How much does Italian fabric cost?

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I have a friend traveling to Rome over Spring Break, and I am wondering how much money to send with her to bring me back 2 yards of something special.  Any ideas what fabric in an Italian fabric store might cost?  I'm thinking of a woven blend to make into a simple summer dress.


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It costs whatever you want to pay. It's not necessarily cheaper there, and remember the dollar to euro exchange is not good. I would give her a pre-paid VISA, so she doesn't have to deal with exchange rates and instructions on what you want. Do you want linen, silk, cotton? Do you trust her taste? Does she know anything about fabric? And two yards seems kind of short for even a simple summer dress (my favorite blouse pattern takes 1-1/2 yards of 60" fabric for a size 12 pattern).

And there used to be a fabulous fabric store on the Via del Corso, not far from the Spanish Steps/Trevi Fountain alley, but its been many years and who knows if it is still there.