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Where is everyone?

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I used to use the forum daily and it was fun and informative.  Lots of friendly chatter along with help and creative ideas.  Now I hardly recognize it.  Sadly, I don't visit often and I do miss my old sewing buddies.  I have found another forum which is much more active and friendly.  It saddens me that complaint after complaint have come forth with no action taken.  I love to sew and love to interact with others that love to sew.  I have no friends nearby so forums are the 'gathering spot'.


Missing everyone,


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Agree, so many of us missing (post #35286, reply #1 of 7)

Agree, so many of us missing the old days.

But it seems as though no one listens or is interested.

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Missing the old forum (post #35286, reply #2 of 7)

Hello Crazy K <3

I check in once in a while, and desperately miss everyone.  Used to spend hours here, chatting with all sorts of wonderful people on all sorts of textile topics.  Have hardly sewn since the big change.  Took the encouragement and challanges of people like yourself to help fuel my creativity.  Hope to chat with someone sometime...CL

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Missing the old forum (post #35286, reply #5 of 7)

Hi Cathy,  You could find me on another forum.  I switched after someone told me about the other forum and I visit there daily......actually more than that.....every time I sit at the computer, I check in to see what's going on.  I'll email you the link.  It's much like the old Gatherings.....lots of very talented folks and friendly we used to have here.



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hello (post #35286, reply #7 of 7)

Hi, I was excited about getting on this forum, but no one is ever here much. I noticed you mentioned another forum that was much more active and said that you would mail the link to your friend. Would you mind also emailing it to me? I would be most appreciative. Just go straight to my email address.


Thanks so much,


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I'd be on more if the new (post #35286, reply #3 of 7)

I'd be on more if the new posts indicator would work.  I check and see that there are no new posts listed so don't check the individual folders for new posts.  I don't always have time to check every single folder and thread for new posts.


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Where is everyone. (post #35286, reply #4 of 7)

I posted the following in general discussion 1month ago. And this is about the 3rd time I have visited since.  There are some more responses recently from new member.  I hope they continue to come and old times continue to check in. I start each visit in the recent topics section. I did email the Threads editor suggesting she check into the forum but got no response, which says a lot.


I notice that no one from Threads has accessed Gatherings since 2009 (in talk to us), other than Vicky North in Nov 2010. I am surprised that Gatherings is a link on the top of the Threads site page as so little action is occuring. It is more than just a change in format, it is an attitude by the site owner that has caused the inactivity of this forum. I wonder if Vicky is supposed to still be managing the site, whether it has been delegated to someone else, or whether this was Vicky's project and she is now busy elsewhere. Someone else needs to step up to the plate. A vital forum is good advertizing for Threads magazine. There certainly is no lack of people willing to communicate but the site needs some action and ease of use to become vital again.There are so many talented members here that it is a crying shame their skills and enthusiasm is not being utilized.

Personally I can't understand the neglect here. Threads needs to recognize that much communication now occurs via the

web.  They need to come into the 21st century as they did with DVD's

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Where is everyone (post #35286, reply #6 of 7)

Sancin, I agree.  There have been complaints galore and they don't seem to care to do anything or change anything.  Supposedly this was done to make it surely isn't in my eyes.

I have moved on to another forum run by AllBrands and its much more like this used to be.  Fun and lots of photos for inspiraton.  I still miss Gatherings the way it used to be tho'.........*sigh*