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Vintage thread information

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There may be members who find the info on the following URL of interest.


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Thanks for sharing this link. (post #32106, reply #1 of 5)

Thanks for sharing this link. I have some of these old spools in my collection--from my high school HomeEc class, and from my mother's and grandmother's sewing baskets.



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Your very welcome. I also (post #32106, reply #2 of 5)

Your very welcome. I also have spools. empty & some with thread, though just from my mother. But who knows some of her stash may have come form her Aunt victoria who taught her to sew.
My empty spools are in a glass jar. One of those that are sort of octagular & have a top that is hinged. The ones with thread - well that's a variable. Most are in a plastic box. Though mother had a pentagon sort of "thing" with open columns. I'm guessing ti's from the 1940's. There's a little knob at the top center to grasp & rotate the holder. Each space holds 2 spools. Caveat is only the very small ones of years ago fit. I was able to fill it.
Some time ago I found a site having a photo of a side table made entirely from wooden thread spools. Size escapes me now. As best as I can find, the site is gone. I was uanble to find it using web archive. Should have at least tried to capture a photo of the piece. It was nicely done.


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I rescue old sewing stuff--it (post #32106, reply #3 of 5)

I rescue old sewing stuff--it pains me to think of it being trashed, and connects me with the foremothers. Over my machine I have a printer's type tray filled with these treasures; many are old spools of thread, whose colors speak of bygone trends. My daughter's request:"When you die, can I have that?" I had a vision and began to turn my bags of stuff into Magic Sewing Wands; I have a box full and don't know where to sell them, have tried a couple of venues with little luck. They're pretty specialized items.
Spoool furniture is pretty easy to find around here (NC textile belt). I have a side table made of giant industrial spools. My guess is early 20th century; "spool-turned" is a different, 19th century style.

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Those sewing magic wands (post #32106, reply #4 of 5)

Those sewing magic wands sound wonderful. Post a pic! Perhaps you need to sell them by marketing them a little differently....:) Cathy

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Well, I'm going to try (post #32106, reply #5 of 5)

Well, I'm going to try posting a photo of Magic Sewing Wands. I hope the file size is not too big. I've thought of marketing them on ETSY, but don't really want to open a shop, and ebay doesn't seem like the answer, either. Any suggestions?

three_wands.JPG4.62 MB