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sliced ham to cook with no instructions

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Hello wonderful sewist out there. I got a sliced ham from work. I work for a food service and we had to clean out our freezer of samples. I was lucky enough to get a big ham, already sliced. It has no instructions. It looks as dark as bacon on the inside, like it isn't cooked. All the instructions I saw on line were soak for 24 hours. I didn't do this. It also, said to bake at 500 degrees and for 20 mins. then wait for 3 hours, then bake again for 20 mins. then wait again. I don't know what I am doing. I put it in a big pan, wrapped it in foil and put about 6 cups of water in it. I put the oven on 450 and am now cooking for 20 mins. Does anyone know if I am headed in the right direction?

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Hi Fabricholic!  I keep hoping someone who knows more than me will answer this but so far no one has.  You usually soak ham to get out the salt that it's cured with (particularly important if the ham is smoked).  If you don't soak it in water it may be too salty to eat.  You said that the ham looked dark which makes me think that may mean it's smoked but if it is, you'll know it as it will have a really smoky smell. 

Looks like you've probably cooked it already for while by now (looking at the time stamp on your post).  How is it going?


ETA: Doesn't Taunton also have a cooking magazine and corresponding message board?  Maybe you could post over there?

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