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sims freeplay not sewing related

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Hi everybody...  sorry this is not sewing related.  you helped me out with a movie in the past and now I have another query.  there are no helpful tutorials online, everybody posts questions and no relative answers.  So, I am wondering if anybody plays Sims Freeplay and what do you know about the baby, ie does it grow up at all?  This will definitely help me plan my gaming strategy.  sorry again that this isn't sewing related.  Thank you.

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Have you posted or reviewed this at Yahoo?  There is a lot of game discussion at the site.

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Hi spicegirl... yes I have and so has everybody else.  there's this general query about the baby and everybody has questions but no answers.  this game is kinda new.  sorry about posting this on the sewing forum, but I visit frequently and i was being hopeful.  thank you.  this is a freeplay version of the sims.