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seamstress needed

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I am looking for an invdividual who is interested in making some extra money by sewing, I am starting a new business, and need an experienced seamstress. I have the pattern, it would just be a matter of following the pattern.

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Where are you located?

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What kind of business are you starting?  And, where are you located?  Do you think this could be done phone, mail and courier?

I am a dressmaker located in Ontario, Canada, and I'd be interested in talking if you think this would be manageable.  Is fit a big issue or will all items be standard sizes?



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Hi angelarium,

please be careful in the future when posting personal information on any message board.  A quick look at the posting that you replied to indicates that the person who posted it did so in august of last year and hasn't visited the board again since then.  It's never a good idea to post any personal information on any board no matter how innocent or safe the board seems. 

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Thanks, Sue, I'm new to this, obviously.  I'll remember your good advice.


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You can go back and edit the information out of the post if you wish.

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