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Project Runway Australia

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I did not see the American episodes - i'm watching episodes available via the internet.

If anyone is interested to view the Australian show Episode 1 ( 6 parts ) the youtube link is;

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Oh, Cherrypops what have you done! I found your note at midnight and immediately went to the site. Wellll, I couldn't possibly only watch part of it, so it's after 1 and I'm still at my computer.

Thanks so much for posting that!

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AAHHH That's what happens in an Upside Down Time Frame....I post when you're all Normally asleep !!!

Glad you liked it. :)

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Did you agree with the judges choice of winner and loser?

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to be honest, i haven't finished watching them...look up to read my post to Zuwena.

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Okay, we'll continue this conversation whenever you get to see them.

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Thanks, hopefully sooner than later. I've given the discussion a "thumbs up" symbol so I can find it again later on.

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Cherrypops! What's the thumbs up signal? How?

Thanks - Katina

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When you read my reply you will be in the main discussion.

at the very bottom of the screen my page reads and yours should too:

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Rate your interest as HIGH. click on the circle. then click APPLY.

I do this with many discussions here. Some are from last year too. Easy way to find things from the drop down menu.

That, I shall explain later.


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Thanks CP. I had no clue - this will really make things easier to track.

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good so you found it.

can you see the left hand menu...

at the top

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"Show Discussion"

Use the drop down Menu next to "show discussion" to show of High Interest, click arrow, click High Interest.

If you want to see ALL Messages, change it.

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You're good, girl, you're good! Thanks.

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Thanks for the warning.  I shall view one day over the weekend so I can go to bed now.  Z

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Oh you gals!

I still haven't finished watching holidays are here, cannot concentrate on videos with 'not so' little one around...hey maybe i should sit him down and watch it with me...he likes fashion/fabrics....i can try.

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Thanks for the runway info.  I have watched all the US shows and am getting fairly good at guessing the winner and the designer outfit that is bottom of the list  and why.  I guess my long time sewing and love of fashion shows has helped.  I am just a lurker and not a judge but I was very interested when the designer chose the yellow stripe and bright blue for his gown.  I am a long time quilter and my passion is color.  I have many books on it and love to weave my cloth and dye my fabric.  I now co teach a beginning Art Quilt  group so get to play with all types of techniques.  Again thanks for the site.

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This site was a fun romp down under.  I haven't seen all the issues.  But thanks! 


Greet each day with Joy.  Embrace your blessings.

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Hoping that It can be aired again, I missed most of the episodes. Than you.
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