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Making lemon pie

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Did I ever have the neatest thing happen today! Yesterday I pulled out one of last year's patterns, laid it out, and cut it. I didn't even think about proofing the pattern because at the time I was wearing a blouse made from the pattern, and it fit. When I tried the blouse on after sewing the shoulder seams, I noticed the straight of grain did not fall on the vertical stripe at CF, so I adjusted the facing fold to run straight with the stripe, matching the largest part of my torso, cut off neck facing, cut the neckline lower to accommodate the altered facing, and finished the neck and armscyes with a doubled over self-bias tape. When I tried it on, it was way too narrow at the hip. I ripped out the side seams up over the hip and finished the slits on both sides. At that point I took my measurements and decided, whatever it took, I wouldn't be that size by the end of the summer. In order to salvage the blouse for a smaller size I put two sets of ties on instead of buttons.

It looks pretty cute, and decided it would do when we went to the opening of a new city park this afternoon. One of the gals at a booth we were visiting asked where I got the blouse. My husband said I made it. The gal asked what pattern I used, was it a Vogue? What a kick!

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Congrats on your happy accident!  Sounds very gratifying!

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Thanks. It was fun.

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That is so cool!  Talk about creative opportunities!  You really made the most of the "problems" you encountered and ended up with something greater than you planned!  Congratulations!  Love that "lemon pie" recipe!