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Hey There! New Gal on Board!!!

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Hope I'm posting in the right palce?! New gal here on ths forum, resides in Boulder City NV looking for fun sewing stuff and fun happy people! Me I'm 50 y/o happily marred to a great guy of 10 years in August 2012 with two grown specal needs kids, (one is living with us now). I thank my daughter who got me started sewing in 2009 and immediately fell in love with quilting. we, (hubby and I) need some new clothing and I'm learning more skills as I search the internet and finding cool sites like this one and professional pattern drafting tutorials plus so much more that I don't have enough time to absorb it all in. I'm currently drafting up a simple (well hehe not really) mens shirt taken from hubby's measurements. So far I have just cut out the front two muslin panels  done and ready to move complete the placket using Mike Maldonado's method. Then on to making the yoke, collar and sleeves. I'll post pix when I get it fnished. Anyway you'll see me here and there, So if you have any tips on drafting patterns or anything lke that look me up let me know....  Oh BTW I love joning groups, contests, and swaps!


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Great to see that there is a (post #36397, reply #1 of 4)

Great to see that there is a new member on board.  Sorry to see that no one, yes no one, has bothered to reply to you.  When I joined this site years ago I found many friends and I think that that the editioral board found that maybe that the people that used this site, decided that maybe these people did not buy the mag so they changed the format so most people exited to other places where they could chat about what they were interested ion  ---sewing--- .  I lost out as i do not live in the great U S of A~  so a very tardy welcome, so unlike the one I got when i joined .Enjoy the sewing and i hope by now you have finished the shirt.  I for one would not take on a project like that as my husband would want precisely what is on sale in the shops so why bother?  I just make for myself.  But a big welcome.

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New Gal (post #36397, reply #2 of 4)

Family medical issues have kept me busy and I just now read your profile - I also am a self proclaimed tomboy and think GB is the best.  He is always way ahead of what is going on.

I have noticed a decrease in activity at many sewing forums.  Wish more newbies would get involved. 

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Hello! Welcome! My very first (post #36397, reply #3 of 4)

Hello! Welcome! My very first project was a sarong style skirt that lasted my a really long time because the style does not get old ... do you agree?! Anyway, when you are starting, you really encounter a lot of problems ... hope we both learn from being a part of this forum! 

Incidentally, I'd like to take this opportunity to share this article that I just read. This one technique in particular is now my favorite. 


Staystitching prevents distortion to curves. To staystitch a curve, set your stitch length to 1.5. Your stitching should be ⅛” in from your sewing line. Ideally, you should staystitch any curves as soon as possible after cutting. Even just moving the fabric around a couple of times can cause distortion.


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Welcome!  And props to you (post #36397, reply #4 of 4)

Welcome!  And props to you for making clothes for your hubby... I'm not sure if I'm confident enough to make clothing for other people yet, hah!