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FASHION WE WORE celebrating 70 years of everyday fashion in Britain.........Magazine

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Yesterday I bought this super magazine for £4.99 in a local newsagents. It's published by "yours" magazine. 130 lovely glossy pages filled with 100's of readers photos a typical caption reads "I made these dresses for me and my sister Almas's 21st birthday party in 1952. Mine was lime and yellow. Mum worked in a mill so we always got remnants of fabric for cheap." There are features on weddings, kids clothes, beach clothes, coats etc etc. Vintage ads and more. Well worth looking out for.I think it's fantastic! Louise
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Congrats!! on completing the (post #34931, reply #1 of 2)

Congrats!! on completing the 70 yrs of fashion for the industry. Ya it's true that it is more important to make over yourself to be in the limelight & that's why fashion keeps on increasing day by day. HHmm that's true i was also making some good dress shirts for me and my wife as we used to wear them to office. But, now due to lack of time we used to purchase them from the market directly.

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Thanks for (post #34931, reply #2 of 2)

Thanks for the magazine if you can, It is still on sale in the UK