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Burnout Prints on Synthetic fabric

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Hello,  I'm new to the Forum nad I could use some help.  I recall burnout prints being done using synthetic fabric and heat;

however, I can't locate  the information and I can't remember where I saw it.  If anyone can assist I will really appreciate it.  I have purchaed eight pairs of ready made drapes ( very inexpensive for the quality).  I plan on cutting some of them to lengthen or will need to add another fabric.  I haven been able to locate anything that works to add to them, or any type of trim that will not make them look .cheezy. If I'm able to embellish some of the fabric before or after lengthening the drapes I think that would work.

I will appreacite any information that anyone has.  Thanks.  amber 3001

Any other suggestions will be appreciated also.

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Can you purchase additional (post #32576, reply #1 of 1)

Can you purchase additional curtains - perhaps a contrast color to create a color band on the ones that need to be lengthened.  The weight and texture of the fabric will be the same and will have a better chance of being compatible.