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Removing bust darts

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Removing bust darts (post #29084)


Could someone suggest to me how to remove bust darts from a blouse pattern. I have seen this adjustment made on some of the other boards, but they also adjust a waist dart, which my pattern does not have.

I am an "a" cup and really don't think I need a dart, or do I?

Any suggestions?

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The easiest way is to pin the dart legs together and then place the pattern on the fabric for cutting

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Patterns are graded to a B cup, so you might want to make slightly smaller darts rather than eliminating them altogether.  That way, you get a slight rounding in the bust area, which may offer a little more wearing ease and shape to your blouse.  Also, the seam ends of darts will take up excess fabric near your ribcage or waistline, which will give you a more fitted, graceful line overall.