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raising armhole in sleeveless blouse

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I need to raise the armhole in a sleeveless blouse pattern. Any suggestions on how to do this? Should it be done by sliding and pivoting the pattern?

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I'd just take simple tucks of equal amounts above the armhole in both the front and back pattern pieces. If it has a facing, be sure to match the changes there. This will alter the length, so you may or may not want to add an equal amount to the bottom. (or just redraw the pattern making the armhole smaller)

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Don't remember exactly, but I think there was something in Threads on this.  Raise the armhole a bit at the underarm and make it a tad narrower at the shoulder, or something like that.  I think it was in an article by Marcy Tilton or maybe in Basics?



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Brine, are you just trying to make the armhole slightly less deep, to provide more coverage at the sides? If so, and the rest of the blouse fits well, you can probably do a very easy fix. Just extend the side seam of the blouse, front and back, up as much as you feel you need to raise the armhole. Then redraw the armscye from the shoulder seam to the raised top of the side seam. To redraw it, you can either just sketch in a curve that's similar to the original, or use some sort of curved fashion ruler. You might want to try on the adjusted pattern pieces (pin them together) to see how it fits--this should give you a reasonably good idea of whether the armhole is comfortable. Fold the seam allowances under to see how the finished armhole will fall.